[SOLVED] Problem with the NavigationBar

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We’ve been testing out the responsive NavigationBar. We noticed that the menu item backgrounds on our tests don’t change on MouseOver. The example at http://demo.wisej.com/NavigationBar/ does.

We tried with the example application published on Github and with our own and had the same negative results.

Changing the colors on the MouseEnter and MouseExit events manually does the job, but those aren’t available for subitems (without using javascript for each one). This obviously can get pretty tedious.


I’m using vs2019 and wisej framework 4.8

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Hi Jose!

Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ve fixed the bug and updated the GitHub extensions repository: https://github.com/iceteagroup/wisej-extensions

Please download it from here and try it.

Let me know if the issue still occurs after updating your project.

We’ll release the fix in the next build as well!

Best regards,


  • Levie (ITG)
    Forgot to push, now it’s up!
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