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I’ve found a bug with the HtmlPanel not displaying any text when setting the HTML property.

In the attached project there is a form with a html panel inside a group box and a label control inside another group box.  Both of these are setup on load to display some generic html text.  The label shows the html text as expected but the html panel is blank.

I tried replacing the html text in the my.resources file with some basic text (i.e. without any html tags) and this didn’t work either.

In a possibly related issue, in my main project, the html panel visible property was always showing as false, not in the form designer, but only when I break- pointed the line of code where the html text is set and tested the visible property.  There were no places in my code where i set the visibility to false and even if I entered a line of code in to set the visibility to true, the control visibility still remained false.  Tried clean/rebuild, all the usual approaches but nothing changed.  Very odd.

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Hi Andrew,

I have tested both issues using your sample and both appear to work ok with the latest build.
What Wisej build are you currently using ? I can send you a prerelease build so you can verify with your application(s) tonight.

Would that help you ?

Best regards

  • Andrew Hills
    Hi Frank, i’ve got installed. I found out what the problem was, the control just needed to be refreshed after setting the html property. Thanks for testing on your side anyway! :)
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