Problem with displaying the image in a RadioButton properly

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Hello everyone,

we are currently in the final stage of migrating our VisualWebGUI application to wisej and are facing  a problem with radio buttons.

Description of the problem

In some places of our app, images are used alongside of labels for RadioButtons.
With Wisej those images get rendered on top of the RadioButtons checkbox control.

Expected behaviour

We would like to see the image rendered after the checkbox control.


Is it possible to achieve the expected behaviour?
Maybe by utilizing a mixin?


Please find a sample application attached.
Additionally i will attach a screenshot of the expected behaviour and a screenshot of the WiseJ behaviour

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Best Answer

The issue is that we didn’t implement the TextImageRelation property for the Radio/Check buttons unlike the Button to keep the dom a bit lighter. It can be added as an enhancement and could make it in 2.2. The best approach now is to use a theme mixing (attached), see screenshot also.

In the mixin you can control the distance between  the radio and the image, the distance between the image and label, etc.

  • Florian Bogner
    Hi Luca! Thank you very much. The mixin works perfectly.
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