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In the attached zip is a single window app with a CKEditor control docked inside. If I run this in IE and click on either the ‘Templates’ or ‘Image’ button in the CKEditor control, the popup dialog window will appear as expected.

If I do the same in Chrome or FF then the popup dialog appears to get placed inside the background of the browser in behind the window and won’t allow me to click onto it.

I haven’t tried all the other buttons in CKEditor to see if the same thing happens. There are no popup blocked notifications appearing in Chrome or FF so can rule that out.  Also tried updating Chrome and FF but still same problem.

I found this problem in 1.5.43 so updated to latest 1.5.45 but problem still exists.

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Hi Andrew,

thanks for reporting this. You can use the following workaround to temporarily fix it:

.cke_reset_all {
position: relative !important;
z-index: 10000;

It´s logged as #1778 and will be fixed in the next Wisej release.

Best regards

  • Andrew Hills
    Thanks Frank, that style setting worked.
  • Andrew Hills
    I’m getting mixed results with this style setting. In my test app that I submitted through here I added the style to the default.html file and that seemed to works ok, but for my live app i’m getting the same problem even though i have included the same style setting into the html file. Was there another location that this style setting should be included?
  • Frank (ITG)
    Andrew, I´ll contact you by private mail. Best regards, Frank
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