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Being closer to release date and business decisions, more explanations about licensing was requested by my superiors. If I might request having the licensing explained on following example, we’d be more than grateful.


  • Dev-team: 7 persons, each with its private machine, with IIS and about 3 instances of application running – different releases, repositories, branches, hotfix ready environment, etc. That gives 7 x 3 apps running on developers machines.
  • Continuous Integration: separate build server that builds code for every released version and some dev-branches – like 10 in total.
  • Nightly builds: build nightly, published and released on nightly-app-machine: about 5 instances of application running on two separate machines.
  • Pre-release test servers: 2 environments prepared for testers, running to-be-released versions of application.

Client’s business:

  • Early test server – active-active cluster*
  • Acceptance environment – active-active cluster*
  • Life environment – active-active cluster*
    * each cluster equals to two machines, both running at the same time.

What licenses are required and how many?

What is the cost in mentioned example divided per element?


Łukasz Struzik

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Hi Lukasz,

thanks for your question regarding licensing.

In our current pricing model your scenario would require 7 developer licenses plus 6 server licences for deployment at client side.

You can find the pricing details here:


Hope that helps.

Best regards

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