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What licensing model is going to be used? Development licenses, per-seat? Deployment costs? Per-server? Per-connection? Subscription model? What about upgrades? What is the cost range?

Those are very important in decision about level of commitment to this project for. Knowing future costs we could start integration now and jump right in on November full release, but without that information, no decisions can be made.


Łukasz Struzik
Software designer-developer

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Hi Lukasz,

even though there is still quite a way before us till the final release, we truly understand your interest in prices and terms of licenses of Wisej.
So these are the current prices:

  • 1 Developer License, Including 1 Server License: $690. One year free updates. One year renewal: $345
  • 1 Additional Server License: $390. One year free updates. One year renewal: $195
  • ISVs can purchase and renew multiple server licenses using their own account
  • Server means: Web Server Instance (IIS for now); 1 Virtual Machine is 1 server
  • Unlimited applications per server
  • All licenses are perpetual with built-in source code escrow privileges
  • Multiple activations per developer license: work, laptop, home
  • Optional expensive full source code license: one time fee.

We hope this answers your question and help you to evaluate our product and your future options.

Best regards

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Can you please explain does 1 year limit also applied on Server license or not. Suppose we develop and deployed our application on different servers with valid wisej server license. Later on we upgrade our app on latest build with proper license renewal as developer, does all of our client’s server requires new license to host latest build…

Best Regards


  • Luca (ITG)
    Wisej developer and server licenses are perpetual and give you 1 year of free upgrades. If you want to use a new version released after the free update period you can either extend the upgrade period (50% off) or purchase a new license for the developers and the servers that need to use the new product. Best regards, Luca.
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Hi James,

a license includes one year of free upgrades to the latest Wisej builds.
While you can of course continue to use the same version for an unlimited time, you need to renew your license in case you want to upgrade to a later / the latest version.

Hope that clarifies it.

Best regards

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Could you please explain the One Year renewal?  I think I know what it is implying,  but just want to make sure.

Thank you


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