Possible bug in ComboBox.RemoveAt


In a VWG migrated app, we have a page where the user selects from 4 items in a combobox. Depending on previously-entered options on an earlier page, some of those items need to be removed to be made unavailable.

  1. Have a startup page that loads another page via Application.MainPage = new frmTestPage
  2. frmTestPage should have a ComboBox, with 4 items set at design-time
  3. In frmTestPage’s load event, run the following code

cboSizeType.SelectedIndex = 0


002652 Wisej: index out of bounds: 2 (0..0)
/ProjectName/resource.wx/Wisej.Web/qx.js?v= Object.process()
/ProjectName/resource.wx/Wisej.Web/qx.js?v= Object.__log()
/ProjectName/resource.wx/wisej.js?v= WisejQX.log()
/ProjectName/resource.wx/wisej.js?v= WisejCore.log()
/ProjectName/resource.wx/wisej.js?v= WisejCore.logError()
/ProjectName/resource.wx/wisej.js?v= wrapper.setState()
/ProjectName/resource.wx/wisej.js?v= Object.createComponent()
/ProjectName/resource.wx/wisej.js?v= WisejQX.createComponent()

It seems WiseJ is not recognizing that there is an item at that position.  See attached test-case.







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Thanks. The error only appears in the javascript console right? It’s logged as WJ-8257 and fixed in our build.

Wisej optimizes the round trips. When you add an item and delete it before it’s sent to the client, the item is not sent at all (the list in your sample seems correct), but for the combobox it ended up sending back the request to remove the item as well, which doesn’t exist on the client.

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