[SOLVED] Populating duplicate toolbox items (ver 2.0.22)


I ran the auto-update from ver 2.0.13 to upgrade to 2.0.22 and after successful upgrade of all the components; what I found strange is that; now project is populating duplicate toolbox items (see the screen shot attached). Pl assist me how can I do away with this goof up?

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Hi Hitesh,


I’m sorry this happened to you!

Please follow these steps:

  1. Right click the toolbox and click “Reset Toolbox”
  2. Right click the toolbox and “Add Tab”, name it “Wisej 2”
  3. Right click the Wisej 2 tab and click “Choose Items…”
  4. Click “Browse…”
  5. Navigate to: “C:\Program Files\IceTeaGroup\Wisej 2\bin”
  6. Add the DLL files in that folder (You’ll get some errors while adding certain DLL’s, some don’t have toolbox components, just click okay to skip them)
  7. Click “OK”

Other option:

You can open the Wisej installation application and click “Uninstall” and try re-installing it.

Please let me know if this solves your issue!


Best regards,


  • Hitesh Davey
    Thanks; your suggestion worked!
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