[CLOSED] PNG Images and Picturebox



I’m trying to insert a png image in a picturebox, but it doesn’t display it.
If i convert the image to JPG works ok.

Is there something i should know about png files and picturebox, or is this a bug?

Thanks in advanced,

  • Neil Hoskins
    Did you resolve this? I’m having the same trouble. It’s intermittent though, 1 out of 10 times it will show. I thought it was my ad blocker but I’ve turned it off and no change.
  • Jorge Bastos
    Hi, No, never solved it… :/
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Hi Jorge,

can you please post the code snippet where you set the PictureBox image
and send the PNG file ?
You can either post it here or send it to frankATiceteagroup.com

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

  • Jorge Bastos
    Frank, This appears to happen only in windows server 2008 (not R2) Is this known? how to fix it?
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