Play Audio from Task


I have a timer that starts an Task which get some information from an Database.

Based on this information i update the UI with Application.Update.

That all works great.

From time to time (depending on the the data i get) i have to play a sound file.

I try this with:

audioHelp.SourceURL = url;
Application.RunInContext(this, () =>

audiohelp is Wisej.Audio

When i bind this function to an button.Click event all is working fine.

But when i try to do so in the “Background”-Task there is no sound playing.

Can please someone give me an hint where to find my error ?

Many thanks

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Got it.

Perhabs someone is stumbling over the same problem.

The Solution was in the settings of the Chrome Browser.

WebsiteSettings: Unsecure Content : Unblock

After changing that the Backgroundtask plays Audio as intended.

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Hi Tom,

Test this (sample) :
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)

Application.StartTask(() =>

//test URL :-P
audio1.SourceURL = "";

For more information with multi-threading, you can go there:




  • Tom Oeben
    Hi Kevin, thats the same way my function works……….. Again. The problem is not the Task. If i bind the function (Multi-threading) to an button click event all is working fine. But i when i call it from the task that gets the data from the database it`s not working. I also change some colors on the UI in that task and do an Application.Update. Thats is working fine. Playing the sound file does not……
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