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Hi Wisej,

Today, i see this link: https://wisej.com/support/question/planning-of-features

I have some questions:

  • Propertygrid (90%)
  • Google Controls (100% for the GoogleMap) and Polymer (90%)
  • TinyMCE (0%)
  • ReportViewer for Crystal (0%). Can it show CrystalReport file?
  • Filedialogs for system  and S3 (50%). Can it select any file on Client to Upload on server?
  • UserComboBox, Color/Font Pickers (10%)
  • Ribbonbar and accordion (20%)
  • File system for onedrive and google drive (10%). What is it?
  • Onlyoffice.org integration (0%)
  • What version of wisej framework do they appear?

Thank you.

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Best Answer
  • Propertygrid. Added several versions ago.
  • Google Controls. They are in the open source free extensions in github.
  • TinyMCE. It’s in the open source free extensions in github.
  • ReportViewer for Crystal. You can use Crystal Report and the PdfViewer. We may add a Crystal Report premium extension for Technology Partners.
  • Filedialogs for system  and S3: This has been available for a while. System and S3 are server side file systems. It is impossible to browse files on a user computer. You can use the Upload control which has been available since the first release.
  • UserComboBox, Color dialog. Released several versions ago. The font dialog has been scrapped from the list.
  • Ribbonbar and accordion. The ribbon bar has been available for a long time in the open source free extensions. The Accordion has been released several versions ago.
  • File system for onedrive and google drive. It implements theIFileSystem interface to let the FileDialogs browse files on OneDrive and GoogleDrive, the same as it already does with Amazon S3. However, Google Drive has been scrapped since it works in weird ways. Microsoft OneDrive is still on the list.
  • Onlyoffice.org. Will be available on demand if a project requires and  there is funding.



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