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We have been using WiseJ for over a year now and performance was relatively stable. After updating to version 1.4.95, performance has been extremely slow to the point where our application has become almost unusable.  We continually get the spinning grey circle almost every 5 seconds on every single page. Data Grid Views and other controls take at least 5 seconds to load, but before the update they would load almost instantly. This even happens as soon as our application loads our login screen.

Do you have any suggestions how to pinpoint exactly what is causing the slow performance? Any other general performance tips would also be helpful.




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Just a short update to this issue:

The performance problems are related to a specific Google Chrome extension and without using this extension,
Wisej performs as good as before.

We´ll further investigate if we can improve it in that particular situation.

Best regards

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What was the previous version?

Could be many handled exceptions (see in VS by enabling exceptions Debug->Exception Settings), check also the console (Chrome, F12). Set debug mode to true in Default.json and web.config. If you have a link we can look at send it to

We can also send you the latest dev build in case it’s caused by a regression.

In general the loader means that the server has not responded in time.


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    We were previously using 1.4.86. I do remember seeing some performance issues with that version too, but everything prior to that (1.4.50 and under) worked just fine. I don’t think we used 1.4.80-85.
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