[CLOSED] Numeric updown control value not returned when toolbar button clicked

  • Create a simple form
  • Add a toolbar and a toolbar button
  • Add a textbox control
  • Add a numeric updown control
  • In the toolbar_buttonClick event add a messagebox to show the value of the numeric updown.

Run the application

  • Tab down to the numeric up/down and type a value.
  • Without leaving the control or clicking on the +/- click the toolbar button
  • The messagebox will display the initial value of the numeric up/down not the value you typed.

I’ve attached a sample as described.


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Hi Nic,

thanks for your description and test case.

I have logged the problem as WJ-7363.

Best regards

  • Nelson Ornelas
    I’m having the same problem right now, with version: it only works if i change to another control before click on tollbar button or press the “Enter” key then click on toolbar
  • Frank (ITG)
    Nelson, can you please share a sample? Thanks, Frank
  • Nelson Ornelas
    hi Frank, I was building a sample and didn´t can get replicate the error, control works ok in many ways, also with a new control that I put in my app,but then I realized that´s problem only fired when I put some text in the control´s label property, if there´s some text in, the problem ocours, otherwise don´t.
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