Network Error - Failed to connect to the server



What could trigger the messagebox “Network Error – Failed to connect to the server” ??

This is a strange and difficult to explain story.

The Wisej App is access from a “regular” browser without any troubles.

We also access it from a XIBO Client (Digital Signage Windows Software). This piece of software is a client installed on the “digital signage Player”.

It get’s layout and schedule instructions to display stuff.

One of those stuff is to display the HTTP Link to the Wisej App. We are asking for 3 mins display, with a repeat every ‘y’ minutes.

I works but after around 15~20 minutes, or may be 10 displays after the initial start,or I can’t find a real logic to it, it display the error messagebox.

If I click the error message, a white page is displayed, if the application is left with the error message, I can detect it’s stil alive, as the display is changing.

We can’t reproduce it from the browser of a PC.

Could it be related to some timeout? Something like the connection to the Wisej App being like “parked” when not displayed ?

Any dbug tip, or some idea ?



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15-20 minutes sounds like IIS default 20 minute shutdown of the app domain. But the 3 minute interval should be enough to keep IIS alive.

Are you connected using websocket? I suspect that IIS doesn’t consider websocket traffic to keep the process alive. Try to simply disable the idle timeout – it really doesn’t serve any purpose for wisej apps.

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