NavigationBar does'nt working


Can´t run NavigationBarTest application.

On runtime get this exception on initializecomponet:


em Wisej.Web.Ext.NavigationBar.NavigationBarItem.Update()
em Wisej.Web.Control.set_TabStop(Boolean value)
em Wisej.Web.Panel.set_TabStop(Boolean value)
em Wisej.Web.Panel..ctor()
em Wisej.Web.Ext.NavigationBar.NavigationBarItem..ctor()
em Wisej.NavigationBarTest.Page1.InitializeComponent() na C:\Desenvolvimento\wisej-examples-2.0\NavigationBar\Wisej.NavigationBarTest\Page1.Designer.cs:linha 35
em Wisej.NavigationBarTest.Page1..ctor() na C:\Desenvolvimento\wisej-examples-2.0\NavigationBar\Wisej.NavigationBarTest\Page1.cs:linha 11
em Wisej.NavigationBarTest.Program.Main() na C:\Desenvolvimento\wisej-examples-2.0\NavigationBar\Wisej.NavigationBarTest\Program.cs:linha 13


And can’t add itens at design time.

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I have the same problem , and you provide the wisej NavigationBar example “Wisej.NavigationBarTest” project does not work too
BTW, i am using wisej 2.0.13

  • Frank (ITG)
    Jin, did you update from GitHub ? What does not work ? Do you get any error Messages ? Best regards, Frank
  • jin tom
    In InitializeComponent method, the exception occur on code: this.navigationBarItem1 = new Wisej.Web.Ext.NavigationBar.NavigationBarItem(); System.NullReferenceException:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
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Hi Daniel,

can you please update from GitHub ?
Are you using it with Wisej 2.0 ? If yes, which version ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

  • Frank (ITG)
    PS: To add items to the NavigationBar you need to extend the NavigationBarItems collection of the NavigationBar. Best regards, Frank
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