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I have several questions about navigation bar interface (please see attached picture):

  1. How to shrink header space?
  2. How to shrink left space?
  3. How to collapse programmatically expanded navigation bar item?
  4. How to ad vertical scroll bar?

Thank you!


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You can also change some metrics without recompiling the NavigationBar extension:

this.navigationBar1.Controls[“header”] is the header.

this.navigationBar1.Controls[“header”].Controls[“icon”] is the icon.

etc. you can inspect the code and find the hierarchy. You can then change the height, hide the icons (in your screen images the blank space to the left are missing icons), etc…

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Hi mgmst,

You can download the source code of the NavigationBar extension here: Feel free to change the extension however you want, rebuild it, and add it to your project. You should be able to achieve everything you’re trying to accomplish!

For #3, you can use the NavigationBarItem.Expanded property collapse or show children.

In regards to #4, the default implementation of the NavigationBar uses a SlideBar, which shows the buttons to scroll at the top and bottom of the control. If you want a scrollbar you’ll need to implement a different control (try FlowLayoutPanel).


If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

Best regards,



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