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As a practice, these two controls are set to today’s date. But if an app requires to enter a date, maybe 30, 40 or more years earlier than today’s date, how would the user do that? All I see is <</< (Last Year/Month)  and >/>> (Next MOnth/Year). Does the user have to click 30, 40 or more? Am I missing something so important?

In WinForms, there is feature that when you click the month or year on top of the control, Years and Months show up that user can easily select. For a keyboard warrior user, the solution would be to enter the date manually in the DateTimePicker but there are more users who are “lazy” warrior and just want a mouse click.


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I agree, the drop down months and years panel is a nice enhancement that will be added. It wasn’t available in the base date picker control from qooxdoo.



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