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I tried the “Hello World” example and I modified it with some controls. I tried the same example on my smartphone and the usability of controls is tricky: pinch and zoom operations freeze the client. Does exist a mobile project approach in Wisej or what I’m doing is already the right method to use it?   Thank you

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Hi Marco,

Pinching and zooming is still a bit of a problem and so it tap and drag. Taps, double tabs, scrolling, swiping should all be translated ok.

In general, Wisej Web supports both a desktop-designed app on mobile devices and quite complex responsive design , there are many features related to this. We will publish samples soon and will have a detailed section in the docs. For a well behaved mobile-friendly app I’d set the viewport size in the html file and use the flow layout, table layout, and anchoring/docking to adapt the controls and avoid/minimize zooming. You can also handle the Application.ResponsiveProfileChanged event to adapt the page.

I have attached the source of the profile definition currently built-in Wisej. You can override and add your own profile definitions by placing this file in the application at the root. See instructions at the top of the file. When wisej detects a change in the profile it fires the ResponsiveProfileChanged event. We also support profiles in the designer, but they are disabled for now.

However, a responsive app, or a mobile friendly app are very different from mobile apps. For that we will have Wisej.Mobile, after the release of Wisej.Web. Wisej.Mobile will have a different set of controls specific for mobile apps: page decks, drawers, switches, lists, etc. It’s basically a native-looking-behaving set of components.




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What is the status of the wisej mobile project? Is there a bet available? I am in need of it.



  • Luca (ITG)
    We are way behind. I will have a better update in few days.
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