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I have a quite complicated (configuration?) issue.
I am working on the concept for a mobile application with mixed mobile clients. My first WiseJ application samples are working well with android clients, but unfortunately I can take the WiseJ way only, if I can integrate the existing Win-CE devices of the customer too.

Their OS is Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3, which is admittedly not a good precondition for getting WiseJ run on it. Though, the devices have installed a so called Enterprise Browser, supporting HTML5.

Expectedly, my first sample WiseJ applications were not running. I could see the load.gif screen, but nothinh more thereafter.
So, for testing I created a small WebSocket application, which was working as expected.
The ‘Hello World’ example application of qooxdoo, deployed to an IIS is working well too.

Above tests are making me optimistic to find a proper configuration of my browser for using WiseJ, if I can figure out which property I have to enable, which is the component preventing WiseJ.
Can you give me a hint, what else can I test for figuring it out?


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Please contact me directly at gianluca[at] and we can setup some tests and and/or remote connections. It could be interesting to make sure that Wisej works with Enterprise Browser. I will also ask a customer that I know is running on CE devices.

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