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We integrated a Polymer control and I am trying to theme it to match our current look and feel.
I know it can be done my editing the html pages that come with Polymer, but in them it mentions the following:

### Styling

The following custom properties and mixins are available for styling:

Custom property | Description | Default
`–paper-tags` | Mixin applied to the host | `{}`
`–paper-tags-item` | Mixin applied to the .paper-tag-item | `{}`


Does the mixin here refer to their own mixin framework or can we add properties to our wisej mixins to change these values ?
If so is there an example somewhere on how to reference them from our wisej mixin ?
It’d be super handy to have it all controlled in the one place, rather than having to edit the Polymer html separately when we make a global design change.


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They are referring to their mixins. Mixin in javascript is something that adds/overrides the members of an object. The technique used to apply  mixins is specific for each framework.

Wisej has javacript mixins (usually the class name starts with M) and theme mixins.

Wisej themes can be used easily to style any third party widget but you need something in between. You can create a wisej javascript class with themeable peoperties and use the apply function to transfer the theme to the imported widget. Or use the simpler theme resolvers to read theme values.

If you attach a small sample and indicate what you’d like to theme using Wisej themes I can put together a sample.

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