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I tried to use Mixin Themes to define some new colors and appearance keys. When I debug the project locally, everything works fine. But once I publish it, the stuff defined in the mixin theme file appears to be missing. I put the mixin theme file in the “Themes” directory and its Build Action is set to “Embedded Resource”.

Here’s how it looks when I debug it in VS:

Once I publish it to the server, it looks like this:

Which is just the default look of the MenuBar and a Button without any theming.

When I open the browser debugger, I see a couple of “qx.theme.manager.Appearance[24-0]: Missing appearance: xyz” lines in the console output, but I don’t see any error messages about failing to load the mixin theme. I guess it simply doesn’t exist. Any idea what might cause this? Could this be a server issue or is this more likely a problem with my project?

  • Luca (ITG)
    Correct, those are just warnings being logged as the theme styles get resolved into style sheet rules on demand.
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Wisej loads embedded resources only when the [assembly: WisejResources] attribute is set in AssemblyInfo. When that attribute is present all embedded .js files in /Resources and /Platform are bundled with wisej.js and minified (when not in debug mode), all embedded .css files in /Resources and /Platform are bundled with wisej.css and minified (when not in debug mode) and all embedded .mixin.theme files in /Themes are loaded and mixed in the current theme.

Wisej does this for all assemblies loaded by the application, including the core assemblies, extensions, etc.

Mixins are also loaded directly from the /Themes folder to let you change the theme without having to recompile the app. So you can either 1) deploy /Themes or 2) uncomment the WisejResources attribute.

See this post for a downloadable example with mixins. However it looks like you already used the mixin correctly.


I will also add an enhancement request to see if we can load the embedded mixins from the application’s assembly without having to add that attribute. Plus I noticed that the page “Embedded Resources” is not deployed in in the /docs.





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