Minimal Rest API example project for the new WiseJ-3 release and .NET 6.0 core


Hi support,

I am currently upgrading to WiseJ-3 and hence to .NET 6.0 core.

My application currently provides both UI and API server functionality.  So url/ returns the WiseJ SPA, whereas url/api routes to the API services.  The following snippet represents the working coal face:

using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;
public class MainController : ApiController
[Route(“api/ping”)] [HttpGet] public JObject Ping() => JObject.Parse(“{Message: ‘” + HttpContext.Current.Request.HttpMethod + “‘}”);

This works in conjunction with Global.asax.cs: Application_Start {GlobalConfiguration.Configure(MainConfig.Register);} which in turn configures config.Routes.MapHttpRoute(routeTemplate: “api/{controller}/{id}”);

.NET 6.0 core no longer supports ApiController, so I have converted to AspNetCore.Mvc.ControllerBase.

.NET 6.0 core also no longer supports Global.asax.cs or GlobalConfiguration.Configure, and this is where I am stuck.  I cannot work out how to register correctly to utilise MainController for url/api/[etc].

Would you be able to supply a minimal example project for the new WiseJ-3 release and .NET 6.0 core that provides normal WiseJ UI (Page1.cs) on the root URL along with rest API services at /api/.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Neil

This kind of question sadly is outside of the scope of help that we provide in the forum.

This info can help you to go in the right direction

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Thanks and regards

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