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I resume a topic in August 2017 about custom checkboxcell.

I created a project with version 2.0.17 by performing all the steps described to have a custom DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn, using platform and mixin themes.

Although I followed the suggestions in the forum I can’t get my DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn does not display any checkboxes.
I attach  project realized with VB 2017.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Levie,

now works properly.
Thank you for your precious advice.


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Hi Angelo,

VS automatically renames your root namespace when you create a project with a dash in its name.  When using custom qx classes with Wisej, they need the root namespace of the project, but if it’s not the same as your assembly name, which is what Wisej uses to guess your root namespace, compilation won’t return that it found any custom classes.

The way to fix this is to modify your project’s AssemblyInfo.vb file:

<Assembly: WisejResources(, "AL_eMAN")>

This overrides the name for the default root namespace used for compilation.

Please let me know if this works for you!

Best regards,


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