Messagebox shows tiny up/down arrows if message is longer that 1 line

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Can the messagebox not show the entire message instead of those tiny arrows ? You can barley notice them. See screenshots

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Hi Edmond,

I have tried to reproduce in a few tests with different themes and browsers but could not get it
so please allow a couple of questions:

What browser are you using ? Can you please try on different ones to see if it behaves the same everywhere ?
What theme are your using ? A standard or custom theme ? Any mixins ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

  • edmond girardi
    Looks like in chrome it does it (shows arrows) , IE does not Standard theme – Blue 3 i think – it used to be fine i have not changed anything for almost a year regarding the theme.
  • Frank (ITG)
    Can you please send me the code that shows this behavior ? You can send it to TIA, Frank
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