[SOLVED] Make a disabled TextBox have same backcolor/forecolor as normal textbox


If I have a form with a Readonly textbox, and it calls another modal form with an editable textbox, upon having the editable textbox receiving focus, mobile Safari shows the “text field navigation bar” (Previous, Next, Done) and it allows the readonly textbox to receive focus — even though it is obscured by the modal form.


  1. Is there a way to completely disable the Safari text-navigation bar?
  2. If not, I may need to completely disable the readonly textbox (.Enabled = False) to prevent it from coming up. But how to make the text forecolor and backcolor the same as a normal textbox? (it dims the text to a light grey, and the background isnt transparent).


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Hi Andrew,

for 2. you can find some pointers here:


Best regards

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