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Hello, Frank,
we received our licenses after we both talked so thoroughly at Basta! in Frankfurt and we have some questions:

(1) Is it possible to install the developer licenses on more than one developer computer? (In our agency, each developer has two computers for certain reasons)
(2) The activation of the server can only take place offline. How exactly is the procedure (which dialog, which license, wich file, which folder)?
(3) If the license is to be included in the WebConfig file, how does publishing to multiple servers (load balancing) work?
(4) Is it possible to roll out WiseJ on a test server or does a productive server license have to be used for this?
(5) Is the web socket feature for IIS mandatory to use WiseJ or does it only need to be activated for certain scenarios? (Two web servers are separated by a strict firewall that blocks websockets).
(6) We are using the Telerik Suite. Which control set is best suited for integration into WiseJ (KendoUI for HTML5 no longer exists)?

Thank you very much!

With kind regards

Jan Brandenburger

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Hi Jan,

glad to see you starting to explore Wisej in detail. Find my answers here:

  1. You can install a developer license on up to 3 devices as long as they are used by the same developer.
  2. Online and offline license activation is described in detail here:
  3. Each server (IIS instance) requires a Wisej server license.
  4. Yes, each developer license includes a server license that can be used for non production servers (like test or develop)
  5. No it´s not mandatory. You can turn it off in default.json or have it automatically fall back to http if the server does not support web sockets.
    For load balancing just make sure to have “sticky sessions” enabled.
  6. We suggest using KendoUI for jQuery. We offer a) integration training for Telerik and b) the almost complete set of KendoUI widgets integrated as a premium extension.

Bests regards

  • Jan Brandenburger
    Hi Frank, thanks for your answers. Regarding to point (2): i read the guide you mentioned, but there is no description how(!) to activate a server license offline. In the Visual Studio UI I have only the possibility to activate a dev license. Do you have a hint (and can complete the documentation)? Thanks. Jan
  • Frank (ITG)
    Hi Jan, please read the paragraph “Local Servers Without Internet Access”. Basically you need to run the steps described before and then deploy the wisej-server.lic file to the machines w/o online access. Best regards, Frank
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