Listview in Theme editor -- and removing column lines


I’m just getting started with the Theme Builder. It looks like there is no Listview control under the Preview tab — am I missing something, or is there no place to test Listview here?

What I’m ultimately trying to do is remove the vertical border lines between columns (under Listview “details” style) for just 1 or 2 listviews in the project — so I think what I need is a mixin.

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Hi Andrew,

yes, the ListView control is not yet added to the preview tab of the Theme Builder.

As a workaround you can go to the BrowserTab and use any app you want that could include a listview control.

Hope that helps.

Best regards

  • Andrew Niese
    Hey Frank, I went to Browser tab and click on a row in a listview — it brings me to “Table Scroller” in the left Components pane. I didn’t see any properties for border style under Table Scroller. I scrolled up to ListView but also didn’t see any properties that allowed me to modify the grid-lines for the ListViewItems. Can you direct me to the node that is responsible for the grid-lines on a ListView item, in “details” mode? Then, assuming I successfully modify it, is there a way within the ThemeBuilder to save the changes as a mixin (partial theme) instead of the whole theme? Thanks, Andrew
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