Listview extensions like in VWG (ListviewPanelItem + Subitems.add(Control)

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Does Wisej support / expect to support an extended listview like what VWG was offering (

This was very very handy and compact for presenting master/details informations.

The possibility to have the listviewitem columns containing controls is also very interesting to present progressbar info’s, icons, buttons,

See also attached a sample screenshot with a listview row expanded and it’s listviewPanelItem attached

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Ciao Luca,

how I add html snippet to a control?

thanks Cristian

EDIT ok find it, it easy, it’s enough tu set AllowHtml on the item 🙂



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Hi Marco,

We are evaluating the addition of child panels at the cell and row level, which is certainly a nice feature under many circumstances but it shouldn’t be used to replace much simpler HTML rendering.

However, many things that needed a control in VWG can be achieved in a much easier and ligher (meaning less memory and less overhead) with Wisej with simple HTML content. If your list has 500 rows,  you really don’t want to create 500 progress bar controls to show something as simple as a progress bar. You can add a small HTML snippet instead which is just text and not a full control.

See below:


“<div style=””background-color:yellow; height:100%; width: 50%;position:absolute;top:0px””></div><div style=””position:relative;text-align:center””>50%</div>”;






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