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Hi all again,

loading 1000 custom control in ListViewItem(){ Control = customControl } is very slow.

In the example the control is not very complex, there is a way to load ListViewItem controls 50 at time ? Without blocking UI ?


Thanks for any help!

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1000 panels with child controls means over 20,000 elements to be created in the browser. it’s a lot. you can create the controls on demand by:

  • Using VirtualMode, cache the items in your collection processing CacheVirtualItems and return the requested item from your cache processing RetrieveVirtualItem. Or:
  • Override OnWebDataRead() iterate the items with Control == null and create it on demand.

The data store for the listview will retrieve 100 at a time because the page size is 50 and it retrieves 2 pages when scrolling. You can reduce the page size like this:

this.Eval(“this.itemView.getDataModel().setBlockSize(10)”); this will retrieve the items in blocks of 20.


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Hi Luca,

i made a little test with VirtualMode, performances are good with CacheVirtualItems!


Thanks for support!

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