Lincensing - Developer License used to update site with Expired Server License


Hi Luca & Thomas

Me again with more licensing queries:

  1. If I have a valid developer license and push the site (from VS) to a site that has an expired Server license (ie: it overwrites the WiseJ dll files) – What will happen to the server site? (Still work, showed expired, stop working, other???)
  2. I have renewed my Developer license and purchased additional server licenses, however the activation counts seem to be all against the initial server license (I have added the new keys to the web.config file on the sites), and still shows inactive with 0 activations.

Thanks again for your help.


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  1. The license is in the dll. The dll only contains a timestamp of the release. The license is the server key which generates the .lic file stored locally. If the server license is expired but the Wisej version it’s using was released before the license expired it will keep running. Licenses are perpetual, it’s only the free updates period that expires. But… If you “push” a newer dll to a server with a license that has expired, it will start showing the “Invalid License” alert box. However, in all cases, even with an invalid license, it should keep running.
  2. I’m not sure about the issue. I checked on our side and it shows the activations for each license.


  • Kevin Caine
    Thanks Luca. 1. Ok, we will have to watch for that and keep backup dll files. We understand that if we add a feature from a new dll it will be non-functional with the old ones. Can only hope that all our customers keep renewing – he he. 2. See that the activation has finally showed on the license page, but for 3 days it showed 0. Also, my personal server license still shows 3 activations, so worried that could be a problem later on (only 1 server uses that license) – If there is an issue will let you know. Thanks again. Kevin
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