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If I was to create a nice looking landing page in HTML using bootstrap with all the responsive design that normally comes along with it, how would I ‘launch’ the wisej app from a button link on the HTML landing page?

For example, on the HTML landing page is a bootstrap toolbar with a few buttons including a login button. When the user clicks on the login button, I wanted to display the login form as a popup dialog, then if the user is authenticated the main app form loads.

Having a HTML landing page also gives the opportunity to display a maintenance page that is outside the app which can be shown while the app changes/uploads are being done in the background, but I’m second guessing this approach.

I’m sort of stuck on the best way forward with this one, so any help is appreciated.

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Hi Andrew,

every Wisej app is simply a web page like any other page. So can e.g. navigate to or Wisej does not have to use default.html, you´re free to use any other name for it if you want to.

Hope that helps.

Best regards

  • Andrew Hills
    Thanks Frank. That makes sense now…developers block!
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