Latest PDF.js not working -any ideas ?


Hello I downloaded the latest distro of pdf.js and replaced what i have (the web & build folder). I made sure the “ViewerURL” property points to my folder “pdfjs_Deploy/web/viewer.html?file=[source]”


With the latest distro – it does not work. PDF.JS comes up but does not display the PDF. I see my handler is returning the PDF because I’m logging it -so pdf.js apparently is requesting it. How can I tell if there is some incompatibility?

If I put my old files back in there it works.

  • edmond girardi
    I figured this out by chance – the underscore in “pdfjs_Deploy/web/viewer.html?file=[source]” is causing the issue. When I changed it to a dash “pdfjs-Deploy/web/viewer.html?file=[source]” it now works. not sure why ??
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