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I noticed that there are 2 large javascript files that get sent to the client each time on deployment; qx.js (6.5Mb) and wisej.js (1.1Mb).   I tried installing the VS Web Compiler extension to minify these javascript files on build, but since these  js files are not a visible part of my VS solution, it won’t work.  Is it possible to get these 2 files minified from your side and included with the deployment package that gets built?  If the payload size can be reduced then this would help users that will be running on slow connections.

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Hi Andrew,

that´s by design: When in debug mode (web.config compilation debug=true), nothing is minified.
When you are in release mode, all embedded resources are minified and bundled.
Additionally Wisej “pre-minifies” and “pre-bundles” the resources into temp files so it does not have
to do it on each request. The temp files that are “pre-deflated” end in “z”.
That´s the maximum amount of optimization we could think of.

Find more information about Wisej minifaction here:

Hope that helps.

Best regards


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