[SOLVED] Issue with BindingSource AddingNew Event



I have a datagridview tied to a bindingsource and when I go to the new row on the grid I fire the AddingNew event on the bindingsource.  This usually fires right when the user enters the row but it is not firing until the user enters a value in one of the cells and even then the defaults are not showing on the grid.

Your advice is appreciated and this is a pretty big deal for our applications.

Thanks, Tim

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Hi Tim,

For the event firing issue,  the row is only created after the first value is entered, this is by design, different from WinForms.  We do this so the row is not recreated every time the user clicks on it and removed every time they click out of it.  If you attach a solution demonstrating the behavior you’re trying to replicate with the event I can help find a workaround for it!

For the default value, it’s a known issue and I’m attaching a sample that you can use as a template and modify to get your desired behavior as a workaround.  It’s a known bug and we’re working on the solution.

Let me know if this works for you!

Best regards,


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