Issue on ColumnFIlter and Sorted DataGridView


Hello Team

I added the ColumnFilter control to a datagridview, but I have some problems.
When the filters are active and I try to sort a column the filters disappear and I review all the lines.

When I active an filter of type WhereColumn and then on the same datagridview I active a filter of type SimpleColumn is actived only the last filter.




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Hello Frank

In Attached a project with a EXCEL File in APP_DATA (you change the connectionstring).

In this simple example if you apply a filter on a column and after you sort another column the rows aren’t more filtered.

Could you help me ?



P.S. I diveded the zip file in two part for problem with dimension. In there is only folder bin

  • Frank (ITG)
    Thanks Filippo, we´ll check and get back to you. Regards, Frank
  • Filippo Topa
    Hi Frank, Have you news ?
  • Levie (ITG)
    Hi Filippo, do you still have the issue in the latest Wisej build? Let me know! Best, Levie
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Hi Filippo,

can´t reproduce the problem with disappearing filters when sorting a column.
Could you please share an example ?

Thanks in advance,

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