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I’ve added a button to a form and set its imageSource to use one of the theme icons but no image displays on the button. I’ve played with the TextImageRelationship property and resized the button but to no avail. Should an image be displayed?




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Hi Nic,

There is an issue with the size of the SVG images. All icons in our themes are vectorial – we use 1) http://fontawesome.io/ 2) https://icons8.com/ and 3) https://design.google.com/icons/; the number 1,2,3 is the number used next to the theme name.

SVG icons usually have a natural size that is quite large. Unless the html element forces a particular size, the element in the browser uses the original SVG size. When you set the ImageSource to a theme SVG image you probably see the empty top left corner.

You can verify this by:

  • Add an ImageList to the form.
  • Assign it to the button.
  • From now on, the icon on the button will use the image size set on the image list.

This is issue WJ-7297. We have to add a default size for components’ icon in the themes. Each icon library has a different ratio.




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