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Two questions.. please..


Is posible that the Background in  Desktop be an Html (maybe a map from Google)??… Or for example… an <a> element and change it from any Forms??


If I put for example in Default.html    an a element <a id=”regards”>Hi</a>

How can I call this element from an Form..

Me.Eval(“alert(document.getElementById(‘regards’).innerHtml); But this element was not found…

Me.Eval(“document.getElementById(‘regards’).innerHtml = “This is Wisej Test”

Any idea??


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Hello Michael,

You can place any html and javascript (and ASPNET) code in Default.html or Default.aspx. The javascript code can interact with the Wisej app. See https://docs.wisej.com/docs/concepts/javascript-object-model. Also the code behind in ASPNET can use the server side Wisej controls through the Application instance.

Javascript invoked from the server can use anything on the page. The html that you add manually is mixed with the html generated by Wisej widgets.

I tried the same as you and it worked:

<div id="test">Hello</div>

button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {

You can verify the html using F12.

If by Desktop you are referring to the Wisej.Web.Desktop component, it’s different. The desktop component is a Wisej container and support background wallpaper images. You can place HTML in there too if you add an HtmlPanel. You can also use Bing’s beautiful current image rotation by adding the Bing Wallpaper extension, see https://wisej.com/extensions.



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Thanks Luca,


This work! 😉


Was my mistake… innerHtml .. for innerHTML



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