How to switch to browser fullscreen and restore?


Some advice to switch between browser fullscreen and restore
Thanks in advance!

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F11 and Esc.

You can detect in Wisej whether the browser is in full screen reading Application.Browser.IsFullScreen.

You can detected whether the browser supports full screen reading Application.Browser.Features.fullScreen.

You cannot switch to full screen programmatically, browsers block any attempt to go full screen that is not initiated by a user click (no ajax or delayed calls). If you add a button on a page, you must handle the click on the client side and use: window.fullScreenApi.requestFullScreen(). Wisej adds the full screen api to windows.



  • Huỳnh Tấn Phát
    Hi Luca, I am needing it. Can you send me demo of FullScreen Browser? Thank you.
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