How to render picturebox image bytearray as jpg and not png?


I noticed about others posts that the way to load a PictureBox.Image from bytearray is like:
using (var ms = new MemoryStream(_imageBytes))
var img = Image.FromStream(ms); //here imageformat stills ImageFormat.Jpeg
_image = new Bitmap(img); // here changes to ImageFormat.MemoryBmp
picBoxImage.Image = _image;

But i want smaller response sizes.
Original memory stream is about 70k (jpg encoded), but is rendered to client as png with bigger size (700k), last is a bit slow when 15 or more images
I want to know a way to response as jpg or better approach
Thanks in advance!

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You need to keep the byte array stream. The code in your message disposes the stream and creates a new bitmap. Do this instead:

picBoxImage.Image = Image.FromStream(new MemoryStream(_imageBytes));

Jpeg images in System.Drawing need the stream.

Otherwise you can also save the image to a temp file and return the name of the file.

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