[SOLVED] How to get last build?

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I’m just beginning with my first test on Wisej and am asking me, what is the intended mwthod to get the download release.

I have installed the build and would like to test with the latest one.

a. Registrate again: the server rejects me, because the email is already registered.

b. Try to login on the beta site: the server rejects me, becouse of unknown email.

c. Icon on the right bottom of the designer, then ‘Check for updates’: the link goes to the main site of Wisej without any possobility to download a version.

Plese publish a standardized way for release updates.



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Hi Andreas,

thanks for your interest in Wisej.

The best and recommended method to get the latest (beta) build is to just rerun the installer.
It will automatically download the latest build everytime you run it.

You can find detailed information about our updates and versions during the beta period here:


Hope that helps.

Best regards


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