How do I hide columns in a ListView?

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Hello, I am converting our VWG app to WiseJ.  In VWG, hiding listview columns from view was as easy as newColumn.Visible = false.  But that flag does not exist in WiseJ.

What is the appropriate way of hiding columns from view, but having them accessible programatically?   Thanks, and sorry if this question has already been asked/answered, I just can’t find it.


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Hi Andrew,

The ColumnHeader.Visible property is missing, we followed WinForms classes and properties more than VWG and then try to cover the VWG features that make sense and  the ones that we used in our projects 🙂

I have added this as enhancement as WJ-7798. Will be in the next update, it’s quite easy to add.




  • redcard
    Thanks for your response, Luca.  Do you have an ETA on the next update?  Or can you propose a workaround? Thanks, Andrew
  • Luca (ITG)
    Friday evening. You can also hide it using a javascript call like this this.Eval(“this.gridView.setHeaderCellsVisible(false)”) assuming “this” is the ListView object in .NET.
  • redcard
    Thank you, that’s good to know.
  • redcard
    Followup question: Many of our listview columns also make use of the “Type” property… VWG had an enum named ListViewColumnType with members Text, Image, etc. Any plans to support that?
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