How do I deep link into the system?


I would like my application to send out an email with a link.  The user would then click the link and the application would do something.

Example:  Email directs the user to click on{some id}.
How does my application (which resides at then catch the fact that user clicked it?

I’ve tried the following so far.

  1. I followed the DeepLinking example from the samples page.  It doesn’t do what I want because it generates hashes from the application.  I need to intercept when a user goes to a specific URL.
  2. I’ve tried the Multiple applications approach.  That doesn’t work either because once I’ve caught the initial entry point, session is created and that entry point is never hit again.

What am I missing?  Seems like I should be able to do this.

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See attached sample.

You cannot use an arbitrary URL path, it must be the path where the default document is located otherwise the server has no way of knowing the /app/foo/ means /app/default.html. Wisej is Single Page Application (SPA) system.

You can deep link using either URL arguments or URL hash. The only advantage of using the hash is that it doesn’t trigger a reload in the browser. Browsers always reload the page when the url changes, it doesn’t matter that only an argument has changed. When changing the hash there is no reload. Wisej works in both cases.

When handling hash changes you can handle only the Application.HashChanged event.

When handling URL arguments you have to handle Application.ApplicationStart and Application.ApplicationRefresh. The first is fired when a new user loads the URL. The second is fired when an existing user reloads the page (or changes an argument in the URL – which is the same thing for the browsers).



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