[SOLVED] How can I tell if Websockets are being used ?


Attached I have 3 screenshots – one from IE dev console and 2 from Chrome.

In the chrome under NETWORK, WS tab- I do not see any messages under “ALL” I see only “POST” messages.

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You will not see WebSocket requests in there. You can catch only the first request that switches to web socket, then you can select it and see the frames. You need to refresh after opening the network tab in chrome dev tools. See attached.


  • edmond girardi
    Okay – now I get it. I had to have developer tools running before I access the login page (the start of the WiseJ Application) – then under NETWORK, WS I see the initial request – from there click on it and you can view the FRAMES and the message exchange between the browser and the server. So one question then – why do I see a bunch of POST messages if all communication is supposed to be using WebSockets (like in my original IE browser screenshot)?
  • Luca (ITG)
    Wisej uses http requests for a number of things: data stores (datagrid, listview, fullcalendar), image resources (browsers cannot use websocket for those),etc. Basically where it needs a request and corresponding response. Websocket doesn’t have any relation between the request and reponse.
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