Hosted wisej app.


Hi all,

In all my years I’ve never published a website/web app. to a hosting site.

Is it possible for me to do so with a wisej app. for free, just so I can see how it all works?

When choosing a hosting company, what do I need to look for in terms of support criteria?
I.e. if a hosting company says it supports ASP.NET, do I then assume it will support my wisej app.?
(and conversely, if it doesn’t say it supports ASP.NET – do I assume it won’t support my wisej app.?)

Do I need a domain first? or can I use some temporary / free test domain?


Your guidance would be most appreciated!



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I’d suggest an Azure free account:

There is a step by step post here:

But you can use any tutorial related to VS Web application publishing.

It needs ASP.NET support in full trust.



  • Darren
    Hi Luca, Funny – I did start the process of creating an azure account earlier up to the point where it asked for my debit card details, at which point beads of sweat started to form on my forehead and I chickened out. I’ve heard some horror stories of folk getting charged by azure when they weren’t expecting it. Anyway, I bit the bullet and trust that the free account remains free… followed the publish instructions and sure enough – there’s my app. – floating on the azure cloud. Super. Thank you. Do you know of any other sites, rather than Microsoft Azure? It would be interesting to see it working on a non-Microsoft site.
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