Highcharts widget with FullCalendar



i’m having problem while using Highcharts widget and FullCalendar.

after loading highcharts UserControl and moving to FullCalendar UserControl i’m getting error in the console while trying to load highcharts again(it happens with the opposite way either).

Attaching Sample.

Thanks for your help


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The problem is that you are loading multiple versions of the jQuery library. They end up resetting each other.

When you load the highchart widget you load “https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.0/jquery.min.js” using the name “jquery.min.js”, when the fullcalendar is loaded, it loads the embedded jquery-3.1.1.js using the name “jquery.js”.

Wisej uses the name and url to cache the preloaded library and avoid exactly this issue. However since “jquery.min.js” is different from “jquery.js” it ends up loading two. If you change the name of the jquery package to “jquery.js” Wisej will not load it again if it has already loaded a library named “jquery.js”.

  • Orel Gabay
    Thanks Luca!!!
  • edmond girardi
    So, going forward – if we want to use multiple controls based off jQuery – how do we handle the possibility that they all may be using slightly different versions of jQuery and/or the names ?
  • Luca (ITG)
    You can’t use different versions of jQuery. There can be only 1 function named “$” or “jQuery” in the browser’s window scope, unless the specific control you are using has been specifically designed NOT to use $ or jQuery and instead to use jQuery_1_2_3_xxx(). I have never seen one. All wisej extensions use the name “jquery.js” for the packages and will load only 1 “jquery.js”. It can be changed in the extensions source code.
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