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I seems I can’t post on the original “Grid problem” issue.


Hi Luca,

I noticed this problem some time ago. The screen shots I sent you by email were about this same issue. The point is DGV should detect the list isn’t sortable and do nothing when we click the column header (maybe we don’t want this particular list to be sortable). Otherwise it should show¬†the sort symbol. What I described is the behaviour of the regular Windows Forms DGV.

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As per release 1.2.5, when I click the column header the error doesn’t show but:

  1. the grid is refreshed
  2. an sort symbol (arrow) shows on the column’s header

If the data in the gris isn’t sortable, clicking the column’s header should have no effect at all.

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Yes, you are right. We skipped a check before the exception down the line. Will fix. It’s WJ-7289.

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