[SOLVED] GoDaddy Plesk deployment


Has anyone had success with a WiseJ deployment on a Godaddy Plesk server? Are there any tricks to getting it working?

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I have set it to deploy to a subfolder /bidman , but accessing default.html yields 404 error on wisej.wx … so I thought I might need to move web.config up from the /bin folder one level, now it has 500 internal server error.






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These are the steps to deploy with plesk on a windows machine (godaddy or any other) in a sub-directory.

I used /codeproject.

  • Using Plesk go to Virtual Directories, create a new virtual directory (i.e. /codeproject)
  • Using Plesk file manager, upload Default.html, Default.json and web.config to /codeproject
  • Using Plesk file manager, upload Wisej.Framework.dl and your app to /codeproject/bin. See this.
  • Using Plesk ASP.NET settings, set CAS trust level to “full”

That’s it. Launch your app and it works.

In our test I also created /codeproject/App_Data where the app clones the SQLite database file, so again using Plesk Virtual Directories manager I set the write permission to /App_Data. The app also downloads a pdf file from /Files.



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Got it half working.

  1. Grant .NET access CAS access to full
  2. Create a virtual directory  — check box to also create a physical directory. check box for write access.
  3. Go into Virtual directory and set write access or full control for application pool
  4. Publish the app
  5. Move the web.config from the /bin folder up one level to the virtual directory folder


App loads but I have error “invalid theme” when loading.  Manually uploaded “Themes” folder

Manually uploaded missing .dll files from References to \bin



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