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In the WiseJ page or WiseJ window, how to create, execute, and get the return value of javascript.

My intention is I want to run javascript functions in the client-side and get the return values.

My basic purpose is, I want to get client details (like IP, client date, browser details, user name, OS, etc…) for log and other functionalities.

I tried HTTP_FORWARDED. But not given desired and expected results. I tried WebBrowser control. In ordinary VS winforms the webbrowser is working fine and create, execute, and get the return value of javascript. But in WiseJ webbrowser it is not working. The .Document functionality is not available in WiseJ webbrowser. I tried ASP web form in AspNetPanel. But unable to get it.

Getting client details is a basic and important thing. But in WiseJ I don’t know, how to do it.

Could anyone please, help me and guide me with simple sample examples.







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Hi Anz,

Check out the Application class here:

I think you’ll find a lot of what you’re looking for in Application.Browser.


Here’s information on getting the client IP address:


For information on JavaScript execution, check this out:


Let me know if you have any questions!

Best regards,


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Additionally, getting client details using javascript is impossible since all browsers don’t let it and there is no javascript api for that. Wisej makes the information sent by the browser in headers as Levie pointed out.

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