FullCalendar multi day bug



Less of a question, more a suggestion.

I had an issue in the FullCalendar, where Events wouldn’t be shown if it’s spaning over the whole month and I’m only looking at one Day in one of the Day-Modes. I found this https://wisej.com/support/question/full-calendar-multi-day-bug and saw that I can just override the OnWebDataRead.

So I just wanna say that the current condition makes to sense to me, unless you actively decide that you don’t want to see Events that go completely through the visible time frame.

old condition:

(o.Start >= start && o.Start <= end) || (o.End >= start && o.End <= end)

new condition:

(o.Start <= end ) && (o.End >= start)

Maybe you want to change that, too, unless you think it’s intended behaviour.

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Hi Sascha,

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’ll take note of it and I will forward this to the rest of the team!


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