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I’m having a problem w/ the full calendar.

My server is located in California (time zone setting called “Pacific Time (US & Canada)” – which is UTC-8).

I have a user in Mexico (time zone setting called “Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterey” – which is UTC-6).

When my users who are in California click on the calendar – the Calendar.DayClick event provides the value in e.Day as the correct day clicked on.

When the user in Mexico clicks on a day (it doesn’t seem to matter what time of day) – the Calendar.DayClick event’s e.Day is always one day behind.

I tested this myself locally in CA – and changed my timezone to Guadalajara – and I also got the same incorrect results – one day behind.  If I click on 5/2/2018 – e.Day = 5/1/2018.  If I change my timezone back to CA it works correctly again.


Is this a bug in full calendar?  Or is there some setting I missed?  Or is there a work around?  This is a production application.

I also don’t get it – they are 2 hours ahead and but it gives one day behind. Weird.


Help please!


And thanks in advance…



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Tried to reproduce with server and client at different offsets but couldn’t. There have been lots of fixes in the DateTime serialization. Can you try the latest FullCalendar code from /extension?

There have been problems with this because javascript loses completely the timezone when serializing a Date to JSON. We tried several approaches to fix this fundamental flaw in all browsers with different results. The best is the latest, where we serialize the date as it was on the client and making the session always behave the same as the client using it.

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